Dropping to One Nap with Twins | Day 1


Today these sweet girls didn't wake up until 8:30. This Mama had a chance to shower and eat before her little loves got up for the day. It was marvelous! Why haven't I gotten up before them before? Getting up before the Zabies is one of my goals for the year. 
I NEED to. It would be so much easier to do things such as showering, exercising and
 blogging before the littles wake up especially since we are smack dab in the middle {or beginning} of "Operation Drop to One Nap a Day". 

They woke up in a GREAT mood this morning. 
Sharing plenty of snuggles and kisses with each other and occasionally Mommy, too. 

 My heart swoons for these two!
They played and we stayed very busy doing every activity under the moon, frequently changing rooms in the house to keep things exciting for them and snacking when necessary. 
They did great and never rubbed an eye!
After their ONE nap that was less than what I preferred it to be they were ready for another yummy snack. Lunch was before the only one hour, forty minute nap the took today leaving them extra hungry after nap time. 
Grapes were on the menu today. In their very own bowl!

They both politely sat together eating the juicy, yummy goodness in their bowls with lots of funny faces to share and many signs of "please" and "more." 
Of course you can have more asking so nicely!! 

This picture, seriously, steals my heart. Those faces!!
I just adore them. 

All done! I'm out, Mama! More, Please!

Then a good 'ole switcharoo of seats. 
Just to confuse those who have a hard time telling them a part. 

So far so good. 
They are happy, loving life and playing
 with what toys aren't in time-out {we are knee deep in not sharing}.
Here's to hoping the rest of the day goes as well. 

Today's {New} Schedule

8:45-Breakfast {Whole Milk, Nutty Oatmeal, Scrambled eggs and Bananas}
10:45-Snack {Rice Cake}
11:15-Lunch {Fish Sticks, Mac and Cheese and Blueberries}
2:00-Snack {Grapes}
4:00- Optional Snack to "Survive" {Celery & Peanut Butter}
5:00-Dinner {Sneak In Veggie Meatballs, mixed veggies & sliced avocado}

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  1. Congrats on have a great first day with just one nap! That can be a hard transition. Hopefully it keeps working out and you get to start having that time to yourself in the morning. Like you, I need that time to do a few things for myself before handing my day over to my kids.
    Found you through the Little Things link up,
    Amber at OurCharmedLife.net


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