Home Tour || Twin Nursery Edition


When we were expecting our sweet surprises we also moved into our new home.

After getting everything settled in, it was time to tackle the nursery. 
We chose to paint the walls a grey neutral that I absolutely love. 
We chose white furniture but otherwise my plan was to wait until the Zabies arrival to really decorate.  I know. Not like me at all. I was planning to not plan. 
Pregnancy made me a crazy person, crazy as in normal. 
I was a laid back, go with the flow queen. 
Totally not me at all. 
I'm a planner, control freak when it comes to things like this but pregnancy hormones made me a totally different person. 
So maybe I had a little bit of a plan. Decorate what I could with white and grey then accent with blue or pink {or both} when the Zabies were born. 

Once we got home and settled in I did a lot of online shopping for my accents of pink. 
These tutu bed skirts from PBK were one of my first purchases. I originally had white flat crib skirts but instantly fell in love with how feminine these were.
{The old bed skirts are being used on the girl's cribs at my parents in Georgia}
Don't these add the perfect amount of pink to their beds?
The mirrors above their beds were found at Hobby Lobby on their discount isle.
I got them both for $40 before they were born and planned to use them somewhere in the house if they ended up being too girly for boys. 

Lets talk about these curtains! Our local PBK closed their storefront and had this pair on sale. I mean like 75% off! I snatched them and the bedside table {seen between the gliders & also 75% off} up as the perfect additions to our feminine nursery.
They replaced white flat panels that were not black-outs and let's be honest... 
black-out curtains are NECESSARY!!
The blankets on the gliders were made for the Zabies by one of our dearest friends the minute she found out we had girls {we have many of her originals}.
They. Are. So. Soft. 
Nothing is better than rocking a baby wrapped in a super soft snuggly blanket!
The K & Q embroidered burp cloths are prefect to have handy, just in case. 

The changing pad was another opportunity to add a punch of color to the room with a light pink minky pad cover. 
The wall decal is very meaningful to Josh and myself. 
When we were married we said our vows under beautiful moss covered oak trees in South Georgia on Jekyll Island. 
We chose an oak tree for the Zabies' room to represent our growing family and deepening roots as a family. I just love it!

I just added this basket to their room this week to keep some of their stuffed animals in. 
My gosh do these kids have so many stuffed animals!!
These are only the ones in their room. 
They got 14 for Christmas alone.... No joke!
Funny story: 
These stuffed animals did have a home in each glider and now every night Quinn puts them back in the gliders. I think she shares Mommy's moto: Everything has a place and everything should be in its place. 

The letters are from Hobby Lobby and are painted antique white. 
Do you recognize that headband? 
It's from their 6 month photo shoot. 

The piggy banks were for their first birthday. 

Thanks for sharing a tour of my favorite room in our home. 
It's so quiet, peaceful and calming. 

Before Zabies were born:
1st Glider {similar}
Letters {4- one in each name we had picked out for boys or girls}
Wall Decal {in white}
PBK XL Basket on top of dresser 

After Zabies were born:
PBK Ruffle Bumpers {around 8 months when they were getting legs stuck and could roll easily}
2nd Glider {similar}
Piggy Banks

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  1. That nursery is absolutely beautiful, Natasha! WOW! You have such a lovely eye for design :) Thank you for sharing and outlining the various elements. How cool that you chose an oak tree decal -- tying in symbolism from your wedding :) Thanks for linking up with Tuesday Talk!

    1. Thank you Andrea! I had so much fun decorating their special room :)

  2. How sweet! This is a perfect nursery!

  3. Hi from ICLW! I LOVE the nursery! It's girly without being too pink (I love pink, but couldn't do pink everywhere if we had a girl).

    I need to write a post on my youngest's nursery before he outgrows it :)

    1. Thank you! I love that now I will have it to look back on when they do out-grow it!

  4. CUTE!! i love everything. im expecting a little girl this march so i love seeing nurseries :) xo jillian - stop by! I'm hosting a RapidLash giveaway on cornflake dreams

    1. Thank you!! It is definitely my favorite room in the house!

  5. Like agree - black out curtains are totally necessary! We got some for our own too after seeing how amazing they are for our toddler!

    1. Totally necessary! They key to all napping issues :)

  6. What an absolutely gorgeous nursery!! I love this!

  7. Prettiest nursery I ever did see!!!


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