What in the world does Zabie mean?

When we were expecting our girls, dear friends of ours started referring to them as the Zabies since we did not find out the genders. 

Zabek + Babies=  Zabies 

Zabies= Zabek Babies

We fell in love instantly with the nickname. 
Most people now refer to the girls as the Zabies.
 Not the twins or the girls. Their twin name is Zabies. 

Interestingly enough, a few days ago my husband Googled my blog name to get to it instead of using the URL. 

My blog is hit #2. Why not #1 you ask? Urban Dictionary beat us on that one. 

Urban Dictionary: Zabie
Click here to see it.

The first sentence of the description is:

"The most gorgeous girls in the entire world. Zabie tends to be blue eyed and strong."

It was added to the urban dictionary on August 11th, 2013. 
Just 10 days before the Zabies were born. It's kind of neat.
 It has many other descriptive terms about a Zabie. 

Just thought I would share! Enjoy!

Here are my most gorgeous girls in this world, covered in tonight's dinner!! 

Quinn thinks that tomatoes are diamond rings in the rough. 

Kensington clapping with her sticky, ketchup covered hands. 

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