Happy Monday Y'all!!
Awesome is the only word I have to really describe my weekend. 

Saturday was a lazy and relaxing day as the Zabies recuperated from a nasty cold. 
I made a quick run to the grocery store but otherwise spent the day with my family. 
{I have instituted a new monthly/weekly grocery shopping schedule
 that seems to be working pretty well} 
Josh generously shared his bowl of cereal with both girls AFTER they both ate all of their breakfast. 
We played a lot in their forts in the basement and danced our hearts out most of the day. 
We caught up with our dear friend, Paige, who lives in Idaho and her husband, Andy, through Skype. 
{Paige made our beautiful blankets in our nursery mentioned here}
It was so nice to finally catch up with them. 
It has been at least six months but I feel like it's been even longer than that!
They got to see the girls run amuck, showing off their silliness and sassiness. 
They also saw the Zabies meltdown and "self-destruct" at 15 minutes past their bedtimes. 
Those kids are like clockwork... the slightest variation causes a complete melt down.
Like ramming their heads into window seals {Kensington} and head butting daddy's knee then hitting said head on the hardwood floors {Quinn}. 
It was the first time anything like this has happened for the girls. I had to laugh after the fact because I've seen every child I know "self-destruct" when they are over tired but we try not to let the girls get to that point. Now we know... They, too, are capable of self-destruction from being overly exhausted. Fun times!
In case you aren't sure if your child is capable... Trust me... They are! 

Sunday was also lazy for the most part. 
Quinn only napped for 1 ½ hrs but Kensington napped for 3 hours 10 minutes! WHOA!!! 
Now big sister needs to teach little sister a thing or two. 
We did some more organizing and cleaning while the girls napped and then watched The Jungle Book as a family before going on a family date night. 
Josh took all three of his girls out on a date. 

The Zabies were very excited about their date with Daddy. 

Sweet sister kisses

Our guy took us to The Cooper Top for supper.

She just adores her Daddy... Can't say I blame her. 

This picture sums up Quinn's mood from not napping well. Lucky for her she's so darn cute. 

The girls were troopers at supper even though we ate thirty minutes after their normal supper time.
We ate and danced in our seats to the music that was being played throughout the restaurant drawing lots of attention to our duo. 
Quinn pepped up as we were leaving and had her very own parade, waving to everyone as we walked from the back of the restaurant to the front. 
It was adorable.
We started a nightly clean-up routine that involved the girls and it went better than we expected. 
They picked up most of their toys and put them back in their place. 
It's amazing how much they actually know at this point. 
They both put many of the toys in the exact spot that I put them, nightly, without direction. 
I think that is pretty awesome. 
Just an awesome weekend!

How was your weekend? What fun things did you do?

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  1. Aww cute pictures! The pony tails make them look like Cindy-Lou Who twins!! -Dorrie @ Bear Den Plantation

  2. Your girls are adorable!!! Hope they are feeling much better!

    Thanks for joining the link-up!!

    1. Thank you. It was a long couple of weeks of sickness but we are finally on the mend.

  3. Aww, what cuties! And what a fun-sounding weekend!

  4. I really enjoyed reading about your family! The girls are so cute.


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