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When we were prepping for the arrival of our surprise twins we had only the necessities, you know... Beds, diapers, wipes, changing table, diaper bag, monitor, etc.
We had very little in the clothes and blankets department and what we did have was very gender neutral... lots of yellow and green.
When Kensington Rose & Quinn Harper were born we almost instantly started receiving clothes in every shade of pink you can imagine.
With the layout of our house and me having a c-section, most everything of the girls was in cubes on a built in shelf, in an office turned baby staging room, on our main floor.
At some point we phased most of their stuff into their bedroom closet and I never really organized it. I just didn't have the time, honestly.
So it all just kind of got thrown in their closet with no rhyme or reason.
Well this weekend my guy and I have been cleaning, organizing, putting everything in it's place freak-a-zoids!
This is what the Zabies' closet looked like before I got a hold of it.
It was a disaster and it hurt my eyes to look at the mess!

This is the after. 
So. Much. Better {for my eyes}. 

Cubes: Target Similar
Everything has a place and it is well organized.
Clothes are organized by color and type {much like their Momma's closet}
On the left are they dresses, top right are this season size up items 
and bottom are current size tops.  
{All jeans, leggings and skinny pants currently being worn are in their dresser/changing table along with pajamas, socks, bloomers, and onesies. 

Cubes are awesome for storage of awkwardly shaped items. 
Left Top shelf: Extra crib sheets and mattress pads
Left Middle Shelf: left cube has size up Freshly Picked Moccs and Toms; 
right cube has tights galore. 
Left Bottom Shelf: left cube has size up boots; middle basket has clip bows; 
right cube has head bows, turbans and hats.

This is the easiest way to store size up shoes since they are so awkward. 

I took all size up/ next season clothes out of the closet since 
we aren't working with much space {for two} 
 and put them in under the bed storage containers and placed them under one of the cribs.
{why have I not thought of this before???}

Under the other crib I put all of our swaddles, sleep sacks, cloth diaper burp cloths and play mats,
in the same kind of container, that we are saving for baby #3. Not Pregnant. Just saving!

It feels so good to have their closet organized, finally!
It only took me a year and a half to do so.
Shame on me... I've been enjoying my sweet girls too much to worry about it.
How do you organized your toddler's closet? Any tips that I'm missing here?

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