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Around the Zabies 1st birthday (~5 months ago) each of them experienced a round of vomiting that was likely a stomach bug. Quinn puked three times on a Wednesday {all over me before a Moms of Multiples night out,  might I add} and Kensington vomited almost 12 hours later. 
Kensington's experience was much worse, for me, than Quinn's. 
The clean-up. 
We were, no joke, on our way to have their one year photos done.
 You know those sweet, adorable beach pictures of them and us as a family... 
Yep, Kensi puked twice in the car on the way there 
{thank God we didn't put her in her outfit before we left}!
She puked two more times while we were there and again on the way home. 
She was a rockstar picture poser and looking at the photos you would NEVER guess that she had vomited so much. 
I digress. 
Josh had to take off his shirt to clean up vomit
 {luckily not the one picked out for pictures}. 
Our photographer was leading the way and we used every baby wipe she owned!
We had nothing, nada, zilch to clean up the mess.
We all smelled like puke, except Quinn. 
Thank goodness pictures only capture looks and not smells! Ha!
What part of that face says I tossed my cookies?

Fast forward to a month later when we were loading the girls up to make the 16 hour drive back home to CNY from Georgia and Quinn puked everywhere. We had to leave, didn't have a choice. So I sat with every spare towel my parents had and caught vomit for hours while Josh drove. 

Both of those instances were actual sicknesses but the girls have puked twice a piece from car sickness since then. One time separately and the other time they puked, on key, together while I was alone with them. Fun times. <-- Insert Sarcasm here
Due to all of the car vomiting we had experienced, I quickly threw together a vomit bag that was a life saver the day both of the Zabies tossed their cookies, together, on key. 
Although, a life saver, it wasn't super functional so I decided to fix that!

Here is what I put in my kit. 

What's in my kit:
1. Old Towels- Four in case of simultaneous puking. Two for each baby, one for clean up and one for draping in case of second puke. 
2. Wet Bag {here}- I had an old Planet wise pail liner that worked perfectly. It's big enough for soiled clothes, towels and any other soiled items that can go straight into the washer, bag and all.  
3. Rubber Gloves- For obvious reasons. Trust me, you do not want to smell puke on your hands for hours. No amount of wipes or sanitizer will take away the stench!
4. Baby Wipes {here}- To clean your little one's face and hands {and sometimes entire body of vomit}. The towel is good for getting the big stuff but I think they feel a little better having a fresh, clean face. 
5. Wipes Container with grocery bags- This is for quick access of bags to throw anything that can be tossed in such as used baby or lysol wipes. 
6. Lysol Wipes {here}- For cleaning up the car seat or anything not removable that was soiled during the process. 
7. Change of clothes- We keep fleece sleepers currently since we are experiencing sub-zer0 temperatures. Sleepers are easiest since it eliminates the space used and the items needed. For example currently we would need socks, pants, sweater, onesie and a coat. The fleece keeps them warmer and is comfy in case of actual sickness other than motion. Remember to rotate the change of clothes out as your child outgrows the size in your kit and as the seasons change. 
Other things to consider putting in your kit: Hand Sanitizer {I keep this in the door of my car}, Gatorade for older kids{use caution, could cause additional vomiting}, Spare shoes for older kids, a bottle of water and a vomit bag for older repeat offenders. 

The bag is pretty important also. You don't want to have a hard time getting to things or organizing it. This Thirty-one bag is perfect for the job. Find it here {similar, different color}.

I arrange things in order of use. Put on rubber gloves, clean up vomit with towels, put inside of wet bag, clean up child with baby wipes {below wet bag}, and clean car seat with lysol wipes. Container of bags is below the baby wipes. 

Tips for decreasing motion sickness {what has worked for us}*:
~Remove head rests so your child can see out the back window, if rear facing 
or place a mirror on the headrest {per our pediatrician} so they focus on themselves.
~Starchy foods before the car ride are best. Avoid dairy just before hopping into the car. 
~Avoid toys or activities that require your child to focus down such as books or drawing. 
*I am no expert but have a little experience in dealing with this occurrence. 

There you have it. How to be prepared for, clean-up and survive your child vomiting, puking or tossing their cookies in the car.

Even if you don't have a motion sick child it isn't a bad idea to be prepared, especially on long road trips. 

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  1. Great idea, and great tips on what to include. I would have killed for all these the one time we've had to deal with carsickness- in a taxi in Thailand!
    Here's hoping your kids are feeling better (cute pics, by the way)!
    Found you through the Thoughts for Thursday link up
    Amber at

    1. Oh my goodness, Amber, that sounds horrible!

  2. Great idea.
    You never know when this sort of 'emergency' may arise and it is better to be prepared than not.
    I'm off to pack a 'car vomit kit' right now
    Thanks for linking up to #SHINEbloghop


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