Toddler Activities || We Finger Paint


We spent most of the very, very cold day indoors yesterday. 
The Zabies only napped an hour for their ONE nap 
so this mama had to do something to keep them busy!!
Finger painting, for the first time, was a huge hit! 
They loved how it felt on their hands and that the idea was to intentionally be messy!

I stripped them down to make the clean-up easier. 

They enjoyed it and it kept them busy for a little while. 
Now this Momma is searching Pinterest for cute ways to display their art!
They are masterpieces, after all. 
How do you keep your toddlers busy on these cold winter days?

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  1. Stopping by from the link up! We do a lot of art projects over here as well! Though my son never really liked the feeling of paint on his hands... I guess he's too neat/borderline OCD like his mama ;) Those days where they barely nap are hard!

  2. So fun! Finger painting is a great idea. We've had so many frigid days here too, so we might have to try it :)

  3. Hi There - I'm here from ICLW. Finger painting is such fun for the little ones! My 3-year-old also loves play-doh. That's her latest passion. Have fun displaying your new masterpieces. :)

  4. Just found you from my blog and ICLW. How adorable are your little beauties?? SO cute! I cannot wait until my twins are here to get messy finger painting and getting into things. Your blog is great- I'll be following for twin ideas:)


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